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Our Services

50 Plus Years of Excellence

At the heart of the Cabinet Restylers business is a commitment to offering superior customer service and guaranteed products, and we do this by continuing to focus on key factors that differentiate us from the crowd.

Precision Manufacturing

By using state of the art CNC Machines, and the use of our proprietary Duracore for machining, we are able to bring a quality and look that is second to none in the industry. 

Quality to
count on

We make every door or drawer front, drawer box or roll out shelf, and all cabinets to a custom size to bring your customers dream kitchen to life.

With a one price seamless finish, all of our door and drawer fronts are stain and water resistant, leaving your with a product with minimal maintenance requirements.

Long Term Value

Each kitchen is designed around each customers wants and needs. We know that no two kitchens are a like!

Easy Installation

Completed in only a matter of days by cabinet restylers that are fully trained and experienced in renovation, restyling cabinets can save substantial time and money on any kitchen remodel.

Our Expertise

Lowered Remodeling Costs

  • Cabinet restyling is an affordable solution for kitchen remodeling customers who want to make a big impact—without the large price tag.

Lifetime Quality

  • Expertly crafted from materials that are durable, low-maintenance, and beautiful, all our products are backed by our limited lifetime warranty*.

Undeniable Benefits

  • We have become known throughout the industry as a trusted manufacturer that is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers, and we never sacrifice on quality with our affordable solutions. Determining if cabinet restyling is right for you depends on the unique needs, style, and goals of each project. In general, restyling kitchen cabinets is ideal for anyone who wants to minimize the cost, mess, and stress of kitchen renovations.

Why Cabinet Restyling?

  • The benefits of cabinet restyling extend far beyond the beautiful end results, and we can provide you with the personalized service and expertly crafted products needed to bring your custom cabinet visions to life. Whether a homeowner is looking for a simple style upgrade or needs high-quality solutions to replace damaged cabinet exteriors, Cabinet Restylers offers the products necessary to meet any remodeling need.

*Read warranty for coverage details.

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